Breakthrough vaccine against deadly Nipah virus A significant breakthrough in the advancement of an efficient vaccine against the deadly Nipah virus has been reported by a team of federal government and university scientists. The full total results of their research, ‘A Hendra virus G glycoprotein subunit vaccine shields African green monkeys from Nipah virus problem,’ can look in Science Translational Medication online. The entire study will be accessible following the discharge of the embargo at 2 p bivirkninger av cialis .m. EST, Aug. 8, 2012.

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Breakthrough in cell-type analysis offers new methods to study disease and advancement Like skilled assassins, many diseases appear to know just what types of cells to attack. While decimating one cadre of cells, illnesses will extra a seemingly identical band of neighbors inexplicably. Why is cells vulnerable or not really depends generally on the types and levels of proteins they make – their ‘translational profile,’ in the lingo of molecular biology. For this good reason, researchers have got struggled to parse the delicate molecular variations among the a huge selection of specialised cell types that are tangled jointly in tissues just like the brain. Today, in back-to-back again papers in the November 14 problem of the journal Cell, researchers at The Rockefeller University record a breakthrough in cellular evaluation that slashes through this Gordian knot.